Deltafluid, integrated solutions


We design and manufacture systems of all sizes

Deltafluid tailors manifolds to the needs of machine and system manufacturers Main sectors of interest: heavy industry, paper mills, energy, CNG.

Distribution: Eaton Vickers / Char-Lynn / Hydrocraft / Winner / Moog / Hawe

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Ongoing commitment to the fluid control sector

Deltafluid manufactures ball valves, distribution manifolds and collectors.

Distribution: Parker Lucifer / M&M International.

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Solutions that become market standards

Deltafluid produces for the sector: distribution systems, manifolds, gas, air and electric valves, panels, and lubrication systems for compression stations.

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cleaning the fluid for maximum efficiency of the system

Deltafluid Fluidcare guarantees the efficiency of the system by cleaning the fluid with direct methods that remove contaminants, and with indirect methods that prevent the contaminants from reaching the fluid. The latter method involves the use of systems for storing new oil, mobile filtration units, and air filters to prevent moisture and solid contaminants from entering the tanks. Deltafluid offers a fluid monitoring and surveillance service as well as advice and instruction in the proactive control of contamination.

Distribution: Pall air sentry / Luneta / Swift filter

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Piping connection service

Deltafluid has the state-of-the-art machinery and skilled personnel required to offer a fast and prompt piping connection service. Pipes for small, medium and high operating pressure can be cut to measure in just a few minutes. The service is rounded off with flushing of the pipe, when required.

Distribution: Eaton Winner / Eaton Waltelsheild

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Deltafluid designs and produces innovative systems, equipment and solutions for the automation of machinery and systems. Our extensive product range meets the needs of many disparate sectors: oil & gas, paper mills, steelworks, rail, naval and industrial.


Deltafluid caters mainly for manufacturers, retailers and industrial automation specialists in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, control and care of fluids and monitoring and control systems.