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The SWIFT FILTERS hydraulic filter elements in inert inorganic fibres impregnated and bound with epoxy resins and with dual filter layer are suitable for use in containers of the leading brands on the market, and represent a quality alternative able to improve the level of cleanliness of the system.

They can increase the efficiency of the system and clean the fluid in a cost-effective manner. The SWIFT FILTERS filter elements are available with the following removal capacities: 5, 7, 12 and 22 um for Bx>1000 in accordance with ISO 16889. The large filtering surface and excellent ratio of empty against full guarantee that the filter elements have a much longer service life than that of the competition under the conditions of use. The table refers to the level of contamination that can be reached and the relative removal capacities during heavy-duty use with a filter system.

Deltafluid: Hydraulic filter elements
Technical details of the Swift Filters hydraulic filter
Removal capacity of filter elementISO 4406 contamination level
BX>5 ≤ 14/10
BX>7 ≤15/12
BX>12 ≤16/14
BX>22 ≤17/15