Fluidcare/ Correction

Mobile filtration units

PMain products

Deltahandle portable units

The DELTAHANDLE portable unit is equipped with a pump of 5 or 10 l/min. The system is highly versatile and suitable for treating small volumes of oil, control units with volumes of 200 l or less. It weighs just 20 kg and is, therefore, easy to handle and carry.

The unit uses a spin-on type filter with a removal capacity of 5, 7, 12 or 22 um, BX>1000.

Fluidcare: portable dialysis

Eaton oil purifiers

EATON: oil purifiers

EATON oil purifiers that can remove free, emulsified and saturated water.
Flow rates of 30 and 70 l/min.
The two versions of the purifier can remove 22 and 54 litres of water per day, respectively.
The viscosity range covers lubricating oils of up to 700 cst. The purifier has a 3 or 6 kW heater that facilitates the removal of water at low temperatures or at a high viscosity.