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Piping connection service

Deltafluid offers a prompt piping connection service capable of meeting all requirements.
We can cut to measure pipes for small, medium and high operating pressure in just a few minutes, and quickly deliver and, on request, install the pipes on the customer’s premises.

We have in stock a large range of steel and stainless steel fittings for type R1-R2 braided hoses and 4SP to R15 spiral hoses between 1/8” and 2” in diameter. We can also prepare hoses with specific or customised stainless steel fittings even in small quantities.

We use braided and spiral rubber hoses of leading certified companies, measuring between 1/8” and 2” in diameter. All the hoses can be provided with spiral and braided metal and PVC, and Pyro type flame-retardant external protection.

SWe can also offer certification and flushing of the hoses on request.
Our sub department can manufacture all micro-hoses for instruments with steel and stainless steel fittings, and a vast range of high and low pressure straps for underwater use.

In addition, we can supply any type of fitting of brands like Eaton, Parker and Rastelli.

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