Monitoring in line

Monitoring of the level of contamination in line



LCCPM is an instrument for monitoring the level of contamination of the system at all times. It uses the principle of the blocking of light to measure variation in the concentration of particles in the system to then express it with an ISO 4406, AS 4059 code. It can be used at an operating pressure of up to 400 bar and for saving up to 3000 units of data. RS232, 4 -20 mA interface.

The LCCM model measures not only the level of contamination but also the percentage of water RH% dissolved in oil.


LOQS measures the dielectric properties of the fluid that vary according to the concentration of contamination and ageing.
It instantly detects any variation in the work parameters to permit the rapid implementation of corrective actions.

FS 9001

FS 9001 is an automatic particle counter that measures the level of contamination and presence of water RH%.
It is a portable instrument for use either on or off the line and is the ideal tool for monitoring hydraulic and lubrication systems at all times.

monitoring in line directly on the pipe to detect water in the oil



Designed for 1” to 48” pipes, ESIFLOW is made from stainless steel and calculates the value of water in oil as a percentage and in ppm. It can be calibrated for values between 0 and 20,000 ppm. The instrument meets all the environmental requirements.

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