Since it was established, Deltafluid has been a distributor for Vickers and then Eaton, and has always handled the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of hydraulic systems.

Backed by nearly thirty years’ experience in the field of hydraulics and the skill and expertise of its internal engineering office, DF can assist the customer every step of the way, from design to commissioning of the machinery and fine adjustment of the hydraulic system.


Deltafluid now has many hydraulic systems running in many parts of the world and in the following sectors:

  • Steel sector
  • Mining sector
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Rail sector
  • Naval sector
  • Automotive sector
  • Industrial sectors
  • Scientific research

The layout of hydraulic systems is studied taking ergonomics into serious consideration, in relation to the envisaged use and place of installation of the system and the intended user.

Deltafluid is the authorised distributor of various brands and can, therefore, produce all types of hydraulic system, from simple to technologically advanced.

The strength of Deltafluid’s systems lies in the integration of the hydraulic circuits in hydraulic blocks designed and built for the purpose, permitting the minimal use of hydraulic hoses and the installation of all the components and valves of the system in very little space. As a result, maintenance can be carried out both quickly and easily, and the sources of leaking and the number of hose fittings are greatly reduced to ensure a clean and safe system (fewer hoses = less risk of hazardous leaking of oil at pressure).

Deltafluid can produce hydraulic blocks in all types of material, from steel to carbon and stainless steel, and special materials like titanium.

  • Study of ergonomics and of the environment of the system.
  • Minimal use of hydraulic piping.
  • Use of different materials: steel, carbon and titanium.
  • Availability of components of the best brands: Eaton, Vickers, etc.
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