Nowadays, water treatment is necessary, that is, acting t make the water we find in nature usable, as too often instead of being a precious substance it is hazardous. This is due to environmental pollution and degradation, phenomena that are typical nowadays and due to the progressive spread of industrialisation and the sometimes heinous actions of man.

Water treatment has two important aims:

  • Using water that would otherwise not be suitable;
  • Discharging substances that have been made polluted and polluting by the processes they have undergone, with a level of impurity that is nit harmful.

To this end, with the products of Aqua Industrial Group, which has been in the water treatment sector for years, we seek to provide effective answers to a market, that of liquid filtration, that is constantly evolving, by offering a wide rage of products.

From the micro container in first-choice and completely non-toxic plastic materials for very small spaces and minimal flow rates, to the stainless steel item for the industrial sector.

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