Operating principle of magnetic filtration

Magnetic filtration is the most effective system to remove the problem of ferrous particles from industrial fluids such as coolants, lubricants and washing solutions.

All the advantages of Eclipse magnetic filters are based on their ability to remove 100% of ferrous particles (5-10 micron) from the process.

Magnetic filtration systems are ideal for new constructions and projects or can be used to retrofit existing systems.

No consumable materials and disposal costs – They reduce filter costs up to 100% . Unlike other types of filtration, once magnetic filtration has been installed, there is no need to purchase any other equipment to guarantee effective filtration for the whole service life of the filter, which may in general exceed 20 years.

Minimal fluid loss
Contamination is removed from the filter as semi-dry residue. The loss of liquids is significantly lower than the conventional filter media.

No back-pressure
Even when the filter is “full” there is no clogging or risk of bursting.

fluidcare Misurazione filtri magnetici fluicare
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