The ERTELALSOP depth disc elements used, together with the controlled fluid flow rate, make it possible to exploit in an optimal manner the interception features of solid particles:

  • Inertial impact
  • Direct interception
  • Bridge effect
  • Sedimentation in the medium stagnation areas
  • Absorption (weak electrostatic attraction)

All the removal factors work synergistically thanks to the controlled flow rate of the fluid (slow through speed) thus assuring a high decontamination efficiency already when going through the filter medium.

The filter elements offered assure a high contaminant accumulation capacity (1.8 Kg per individual module) removing up to 3.8 L (per individual module) of free water if the ZETA DRY PACK version is used.

Can be supplied in sizes 12” and 16” and with filter media:

  • Micro-Media® XL- Celpure® DE ( Diatomee)
  • Micro-Media® DE ( Diatomee ) e Micro-Media® Perlite
  • Micro-Clear™(Activated carbon )
  • Zeta-Dri Pak™( free water removal )
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