GIEBEL FilTec GmbH, a company based in Germany, specialises in the production and sale of air vent filters ( Silica Gel).

The application areas are multiple, to name but a few: Hydraulic Power Pack, Gears, Storage Tanks, Transformers … and many more.

Furthermore, GIEBEL has a range of special products for aggressive, ATEX, Food Compliant environments.


The air extracted through the system opens the valves in the lower part of the Filter (already from approximately 5 mbar).
The pre-filter disc removes the coarse dirt particles from the air and after that, the water molecules are removed from the air through Silica gel with desiccant properties. The particle size of the silica gel medium (from 2 to 5 mm) guarantees a minimal loss of pressure with excellent drying efficiency.
Finally, a 3 µm filter ensures that all the dirt particles are separated from the air and that the connected equipment is not contaminated. In the outlet stage the GIEBEL filter prevents the larger oil drops from penetrating the silica gel resins and damaging them, through an activated carbon disc that absorbs the finer oil particles.


  • Good price-quality ratio, we give value to our customers and offer economic advantages through use of our products.
  • Good quality, high standards and improvements in the details characterise our products.
  • Excellent customer service, we appreciate friendly human relationships, as well as professional consultancy.
  • Innovation, forward-looking products that focus on our customers’ needs to solve their problems.
  • Honesty and reliability towards all partners; we keep our word and act accordingly.
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