Inspection activities complement fluid contamination control, make the fluid visible with level gauges, bull eyes and other dedicated LUNETA products.

It is important in quickly ascertaining the pollution conditions caused by ingress of water, air colour changes and to streamline “ONE MINUTES INSPECTION” activities.

Three-dimensional bull eyes, to be used for rapid and clear inspection of the lubricating fluid. Built in Tritan®, a highly resistant material (more than 4 times the standard acrylic bull eyes), great chemical compatibility and they withstand operating temperatures from +93° to -40°C.
The exclusive design provides 360° view of the fluid and the special processing of the material results in unrivalled clarity in watching the lubricant.
The presence of water, air, varnish and changes in colour are parameters that can be easily observed and identified with no need for more in-depth and demanding inspections on the lubricating oil casing. An inspection label can be added on the eyelet provided on the hexagonal locking nut.

The COLUMN product makes it possible to visually inspect the conditions and oil level in pumps, gearboxes, storage tanks and tanks in general. It has a mono-block design with 1-inch NPT threading on each end and includes a 3 micron vent. Two tamper-proof level rings mark the minimum and level of the oil in operation. Each ring is made ins strong polycarbonate and secured with a hexagonal screw.

BOWL allows the operator to gather a greater amount of information concerning the features of the fluid: clarity, colour, presence of water and sediments. Furthermore, the neodymium magnet allows us to have a visual indication of the contamination generated by the wear processes during operation of the machine. The cup is manufactured in Tritan™ material, which makes it very resistant and suitable for use in a temperature range from -33 to +98°C .

The clarity and transparency features of BOWL are not altered over time.

Machine troubleshooting is faster with POD. This multi-parameter inspection product makes it possible to rapidly see the oil level, colour and clarity, aeration and foam formation, corrosion, varnish, wear debris and much more.

Rapid identification of failure causes and symptoms that would have gone undetected before.

We have made POD even better. By redesigning the sight glass to incorporate the same super resistant Tritan™ co-polyester as in LUNETA SIGHT GLASS. Furthermore, we have added an O-ring in Viton™ to the corrosion indicator as well as to the magnetic cap to guarantee constant tightness

offers greater versatility than other similar products on the market.

The presence of four lateral doors makes it possible to install simultaneously compatible accessories including oil level gauges, bowl, drain valves, sampling valves etc.

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