Mobile and fixed filtration units

The mobile and fixed filtration units are used on the external circuit of the tank

The constant flow through the filter, together with the correct flow speed in relation to the volume of oil to be processed, guarantees that the correct level of contamination of the system is restored and maintained even in working conditions that increase the risk of infiltration of contaminants.



The DELTA ZETA PAK mobile and/or fixed units use lenticular depth filter elements. The available flow rates are 5-10-15-20 L/min.

The absorption of the filter media of the depth filters and the low flow rate make it possible to efficiently remove both “hard” contaminants and “soft” contaminants (sludge), as well as the products in varnish caused by thermal degradation and oxidation of the fluid. The filter elements also stabilise the ideal level of contamination and keep it constant even during heavy-duty use.

The elements have a large filtering surface and an excellent capacity for retaining contaminants, and so can be used for a long time before they get clogged and need to be replaced, making the DELTA ZETA PAK unit both versatile and cost-effective. Thanks to a patented removal system, the elements of the depth filters can be replaced quickly and in a simple and safe manner when clogged.

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The mobile or fixed DELTA ZETA DRI PAK version with flow rates of 5 to 20 L/min uses filter elements that can remove both solid contaminants and free water.

In order to remove critical levels of solid contaminants, the filter unit of the version with dual filter can absorb up to 11 litres of free water in oil. The double removal capacity makes the DELTA ZETA DRI PAK system very useful for controlling contamination in hydraulic and lubrication systems prone to the infiltration of water and solid contaminants.

The DELTACART filter units have pleated particle filter elements with a large filtering surface and a removal capacity of 5, 7, 12 and 22 um βx>1000. The choice of filter element depends on the class of contamination to be attained.

Since DELTACART is a corrective and maintenance system where the time factor determines the quality and efficiency of operation, it is advisable to use β₅x>1000, β₇>1000 filter elements. The cart can have a flow rate of 50 to 200 L/min. The fixed versions of DELTACART are available in a version with single filter or with multi-container, to meet all operating requirements with regard to large volumes to be treated or the need to guarantee a long service life of the filter elements. The flow rates available are 50 to 500 L/min. The unit can be supplied as a “modular” one with shut-off valves and check valves for each filter, and 1 to 4 containers in line, and however it can be tailored to specific requirements. If the temperature needs to be controlled in addition to controlling the level of contamination, the treatment system is supplied with an oil-air heat exchanger suited to the characteristics of operation and to the temperature of the fluid to be reached and maintained.
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The external filtration unit in the fixed or mobile version is designed for use on systems where slid contamination is generated by the process itself such as:
  • Machining
  • Lapping machines
  • Grinding
  • Washing systems
  • Recovery of contaminated oil
the unit is designed for use of a high efficiency magnetic filter (11.000 g) capable of removing ferrous particles sized 5 to 10 um up to an accumulation of 4.5 kg on the magnetic rod which is easy to clean up, and a multi-cartridge particle filter with depth filtering elements in nylon or prolipropyl with removal power from 0.2 to 100um βx >5000. The use of depth filtration elements makes it possible to achieve the target cleanliness of the circuit in a short time. The filtration unit uses a gear pump with flow rate from 10 to 40 L/min, it can use centrifugal pumps or with stainless steel inside, which means it can be used with water-based fluids and special fluids. The standard multi-cartridge filter uses 7 depth filtration elements, 40” long. The unit can use containers capable of housing up to 15 filter elements.
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The DELTAHANDLE portable unit is equipped with a pump of 5 or 10 L/min. The system is highly versatile and suitable for treating small volumes of oil, control units with volumes of 200 L or less. Its 20 Kg of weight make it easy to manage and transport. The unit uses a spin-on type filter with various removal capacities.
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DELTAFLUID OPD purifier systems are designed for use in a wide range of viscosities, from transformer oils to lubrication oils (ISO VG 680). They remove water in the system in the three conditions: free and emulsified (100%) and dissolved (up to 90% of the saturation point); they remove dissolved gases and solid contamination up to a cleanliness level of ≤ ISO 4406 16/13/10. The level of cleanliness depends on type of filter element (removal power) used.

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