WS ( Water sensor )

WS Transmitters ( Water sensor) to measure humidity.

Measurement of humidity in oil
Measuring the humidity in oil makes it possible to monitor on line the humidity of lubricating and insulating oils. Measuring the humidity in oil offers a significant contribution to long term operability of plants and machinery

Fluidcare Misurazione - Monitoraggio in linea schema
Effect of water in oil Water contamination in fluids may cause a number of problems such as deterioration of additives, oil oxidation, corrosion, decrease in the thickness of the lubricating film, microbial growth and decrease in dielectric capacity. These issues can be prevented by continuously monitoring the water content in oil, in order to implement prompt preventive actions. Hydraulic, lubricating and insulating fluids must be used without free water and with dissolved water levels at 50% saturation or significantly lower in the case of insulating oils.
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