Since its birth in 1989 Deltafluid has focused on the trade of high-quality products and industrial components for hydraulic and fluid control. Our business includes accurate design service, manufacturing, testing and “turnkey” commissioning for complicated systems.

Our 30-year experience makes DELTAFLUID a reliable partner both for the manufacturing of specific industrial systems in compliance with ATEX and PED directives as well as in updating old systems to comply with current norms and regulations. 

Any problems encountered in the market have always been considered an opportunity to grow and improve our knowledge. Over the past years, Deltafluid has introduced unique and innovative products, some of which are patented, and these have brought several benefits to Deltafluid customers. 

Recently, our focus has been on the care and treatment of industrial fluids with a line of products especially dedicated to this sector. In our “Fluid care” section, you can find our entire range of products related to this industry. 

Deltafluid has always been sensitive to the impact hydraulic fluids have on the environment, and has developed suitable systems and machinery to renew, recondition and extend product life with cost savings to the user and reduced environmental impact. 

Our wide range of products in the field of hydraulics, fluid control and detection, and rigid and flexible pipes covers several applications in many industrial processes and sectors such as: chemical, petrochemistry, paper, food, pharmaceutical, power, textile, fluid care, mining, glass, steel, galvanic, railway and military.


Deltafluid è certificata ISO 9001-2015 ed è in grado di accompagnare il cliente dalla definizione del progetto alla realizzazione e alla messa in marcia delle apparecchiature sino all’assistenza post vendita.


Deltafluid è partner di importanti marchi quali MOOG (per servovalvole, motori e pompe a pistoni radiali, elementi logici,) EATON per l’oleodinamica in generale con i marchi Vickers, Hyntegrated Hydraulics , Charl lynn , Hydrocraft , Waltershaild- Parker, Hawe solo per citarne alcuni.


Deltafluid distribuisce sul territorio nazionale i marchi GIEBEL , SWIFT FILTER, LUNETA.

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