Reliability through fluid cleaning

When quality is necessary

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The aim is to take care of the hydraulic fluid and lubrication. Guaranteeing the utmost reliability of the system by cleaning the lubricant and maintaining or attaining a consistently high level of cleanliness of the system even in conditions of heavy-duty use.


Three main activities that contribute to achieving the objective. Activities and products developed and promoted following these three lines of action.


Swift Filters is a company specialising in the design and production of high quality filter elements and customised filter elements for a wide variety of sectors. It also produces high pressure filter units for industrial sectors, oil and gas.

GIEBEL ADSORBER offers a range of products, such as air vents, suitable for any application. Capable of removing both solid and liquid contamination, thanks to the double particle and absorbent filter stage. The innovative GIEBEL line is an indispensable partner in the most heavy-duty applications.

Three-dimensional bull eyes constructed in Tritan®, to be used for rapid and clear inspection of the lubricating fluid. It is important to quickly ascertain the pollution conditions caused by ingress of water, air colour changes and streamline “ONE MINUTES INSPECTION” activities.

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