Eaton bag filters are used successfully by companies worldwide and are standardised, easy to procure and produced locally worldwide. The customer can choose from a comprehensive line of individual filters or multi-bags, designed and built to meet the needs and satisfy requests in the various applications.
The choice of a bag filter can range from absolute filtration, to filters designed on request, made fr special applications and for every need. Multi-bag filters are available, that can hold more than 36 filter bag for flow rates higher than 1000 m3/h with a variety of designs. Eaton offers a comprehensive range f filter bags that ranges from affordable sewn bags, standard sealed with safety ring and multi-layer for more heavy duty uses.

The wide range of Eaton filter elements ensures the highest flexibility for customers, to be able to choose the filtration they need. Nominal or absolute filters are available in melt blown ( various materials available), wire wound, acrylic fibre/phenolic resin and activated carbon cartridges.

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