Cleaning new oil

New oil does not mean clean oil. The contamination class of a new oil is considerably higher than that of the system, so improper filling could affect the conditions of cleanliness and, therefore, the performance of the circuit.

It is recommended to fill with a fluid of a class of cleanliness at least twice lower than the ideal contamination class of the system; so in the case of a circuit with ISO 4406 codes 14/10, the level of cleanliness of the new fluid should be 12/8, 12/9 (Noria Corporation).

The conditions of transport, storage and preservation of the fluid will affect the cleanliness of the lubricant, and filtering the fluid when filling with a single cycle is often an insufficient precaution to guarantee the correct conditions for contamination.


La linea di unità di stoccaggio e distribuzione Deltatank permette di conservare un volume di fluido in condizioni di pulizia ideale e quindi riempimenti” “puliti”.
The Deltatank line of storage and distribution units is for preserving a volume of fluid in ideal conditions of cleanliness and, therefore, for “clean” filling. The DELTATANK model is a mobile unit with a stainless steel tank and a recirculating filter system. The various models can use tanks of various sizes: from a volume of 200 l to one of 600 l. The recirculating system uses a pump of 10 L/min and another of 20 L/min and dual β₅>1000 spin on filters for the treatment and storage of 1 to 3 drums of oil. The air vent filter on the cover of the tank creates a protected and sealed environment and prevents the infiltration of contaminants from outside.
fluidcare pulizia olio nuovo -serbatoio sistema dialisi integrato



The DELTATANK 1000 model, instead, is designed for the transport and treatment of 1000 L plastic tanks with flow rates of 10 to 20 L/min and dual spin-on β₅ >1000 filters.

fluidcare pulizia olio nuovo -carrello dialisi porta contenitori
The Deltatank 5000 storage system is designed for the storage, treatment and distribution of 5000 litres of lubricating oil. It has a stainless steel tank, a screw pump with a flow rate of 100 L/min, automatic shut-off and distribution valves, a β₅ >1000 filter and an air vent filter. The Deltatank 5000 also has an optical level indicator.
fluidcare pulizia olio nuovo - serbatoi sistema dialisi integrato
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